Microsolut HotSpot FeatureFREESERVER
Bandwith speed control for user
Quota and time control for user
Customizable login page
Customer control time connection
Employees permisions
Detailed and easy account manager
Detailed billing transacctions
Cutomizable currency code, tax,
Customizable tickets
Customizable invoices
European Data protection Act. 1998
Url register tracking log. Antiterrorism law.
System detailled Log
URL filtering
Multilanguage editable
DHCP Server
Backup and restore Database
Web Server
Mac whitelist
Mac Blacklist
Site Whitelist
Site Blacklist
Word filtering

Manage REMOTE HotSpots
SSL Web server for secure login. SSL Certificate included.
Simultaneous users connected2Unlimited
Advanced Paypal Payment Gateway

Free version expire in 30 days

Manage remote hotspots require fixed ip in customer for contact or MSDDNS. Contact us for prices.

See prices.

Contact us for activaye Paypal gateway.